Monday, March 03, 2014

Faceter Spotlight: Mari Phillips

Faceter Spotlight: Mari Phillips

Mari Phillips cut the amazing 2.82ct ( 8mm x 8mm)  feldspar spectrolite!
I just love the way it softly glows and shimmers.

Mari shared her experience cutting the spectrolite:
This spectrolite actually wasn't too bad.  I was worried about the blue schiller orientation and polishing due to all the inclusions.  The spectrolite polished up nicely, thankfully, with cerium oxide on the dark side.  the orientation of the blue flashes worked out well and I am just grateful for that miracle.  I could see the flash did run pretty deep in the rough and not so shallow.  sometimes it is easy to accidentally cut the blue flash out.  Done that before!  

Spectrolite on the dop.

Sneaking this in, she also cut this wonderful sunstone!  
What a great choice for the design. It really shows off the sunstone.

Mari has been faceting about 7 years and really enjoys cutting Mexican fire opal, sunstone, and Montana Sapphire.   She can be contacted by email here: maregg07{at}

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