Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diamond Hill Mine - Bryan Major

We had a wonderful chat with Bryan Major (www.Ultrarocks.net) about the Diamond Hill Mine in South Carolina at the Grassy Creek Gem and Mineral show this weekend.  He showed us some wonderful pieces of quartz and amethyst he had mined himself.

We added this stunning amethyst cluster to our private collection

Devin and I are hoping to get to Diamond Hill this fall to see what we can dig up.  Diamond Hill allows for digging by reservation only (910) 547-0427 or dhmine@rocketmail.com.

Above and below are iron oxide coated quarts from the Diamond Hill Mine.

Devin was drooling over this gorgeous smokey amethyst cluster:
©Bryan Major - photo

and here's a video of it: 

Below are some greatYoutube videos of some of the Diamond Hill finds!

Digging Amethyst & Quartz Crystal Clusters

Digging Quartz Crystals at Diamond Hill in South 

HUGE Amethyst Crystal Cluster found at Diamond Hill

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Egg Collection

I collect stone eggs.  It's started as a way to entertain myself while Dev spent hours pouring of each and ever piece of rough in a parcel at a gem show.  I pulled them all off the shelve today to give them a bath, and thought they made a nice picture drying on their towel.  There are quartz of all kinds, marble, lapis, tourmaline, aqua, opal, turquois, garnet, topaz, jaspers, and more.