Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tucson 2007 - Day 1

Dev and I had a wonderful time in Tucson this year. I know, from my research before we left, that it can be hard to understand just what it is like. I thought I would add our experiences to the other articles and information online. You still won't understand until you go, but at least you will have a little more to go on! Oh, and for the record, I am sworn to secrecy on the specific names of dealers we work don't bother asking ;)
For those of you who have never heard of it before, the Tucson show is the largest gem and mineral show in the world. It is the Mecca of rockhounds! It consists of 43 locations (there might be more, that's the number I came up with.) Each location having 100's of vendors selling gems, jewelry, beads, rough, anything and everything rock related.

We hit the GJX show (Gem and Jewelry Exchange) about 20 minutes after landing in Tucson. Unfortunately, the camera battery gave out on us right before we got to the show. I did get this lovely shot of Tucson from Rt 10. GJX is a great show. A good mix of jewelry and rocks...not overly beady. We met some wonderful new dealers and touched base with some familiar faces, too. My first purchase of the show was a wonderful trapiche emerald. I love inclusions of all kinds and have been wanting one. I will be doing a post about trapiches and include photos then.
The posts about the shows will be pretty much in the order we visited them. We also took a side trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon which was awesome (in the true meaning of the word!) but more on that later.