Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Marketing Handcrafted Jewelry and Gems

Working on the catalog this week got me thinking about marketing. Marketing is a very important part of having a small business...something artists and craftsmen often don't want to admit. I don't make jewelry or gems (yet :)), but I do have an art background. When it comes to painting, it was probably 60% marketing, 40% actually painting. If you are really lucky you can talk someone else into doing the marketing for you or hire someone...other wise, it's you talking someone in to purchasing your work.

PrettyRock has a bit of a different business model, we are selling the materials artists use as opposed to art itself. But we do spend a good bit of time and energy (and money) marketing with advertisments on the net and in magazines, with the blog and links. We did shows for a long time, but although they were fun and a great way to meet people, they turned out not to be cost affective in terms of marketing.

What have you found to be affective? Participate in shows? Do you have a website? blog? do you advertise on the internet or in magazines?

If you are looking for ideas, ganoskin has great section of articles:
If you find one you really like, please share the link.

This is a marketing audit directed at jewelry makers:

Great way to get you brainstorming.

I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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