Friday, December 05, 2008 : Faceter's Gallery


Just want to remind everyone that we have a Faceter's Gallery. This is a free way for all faceters to market their services or just a way to show off what you do.

This is ONLY open to faceters who do their own cutting.

If you are interested in being included please email me the following:

1. Name and location (city and state is fine) and pretty picture of you (or your cat or grandkids or studio)

2. Do you accept commissions? (You don't have to to be included.)

3. Short (very short ) bio of your life as a faceter.

4. Contact info: email or address or phone Please remember this will be on the internet. Sorry, I am not going to act as a go between

5. Images of stones you have cut, about 200 x 200 dpi, .jpg format. We are limiting the gallery to 3 images of your choice of stones. However, you can post as many as you like if the rough is purchased from us These are not images of items for sale, we aren't putting up prices. They are examples of what your work looks like, you don't have to have the stone still in your possession.

We have thought about having a Jewelry Gallery, too. If you would be interested, let me know.

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