Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Rough - 11/15/2015 (and 20% off reminder!)

Lots of New Rough Up!
Check it out here.

and don't forget the big sale going on:

20% off
your entire order

11/01/2015 to 11/30/2015
Use coupon code:
No, this can not be combined with bid offers.
Or other discounts. Or previous orders.
Or anything else you can come up with as a way to get a practically free rock.
Rock people are very creative when it comes to wheeling and dealing.
We are normally slow and cranky.As you can imagine,we are even slower and crankier when we are having a sale and have to fill a bunch of orders after getting home from a long day at our "real" jobs.
20% off is a great discount, fast, friendly service is not part of that deal.
Whatever.You want the rock or not?
Oh and sometimes we forget to mark rocks sold.We are not keeping it from you just to be mean.
We are not keeping it for our personal rock stash.(well.. okay, maybe sometimes)
But usually...we would love to sell it to you.Someone got it before you...get over it.
Happy Holidays!

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