Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wallpaper: Valentine Tourmaline

Happy Valentine's Day from our heart to yours

These are faceted tourmalines.  The center stone is a 1.57 watermelon tourmaline, and the center is naturally shaped like a heart.  It's a tiny thing, but I love it!

You are welcome to share the image above, and I also made wallpaper for you without the quote.  You can find the wallpaper here:

Here is a close up of the heart stone by itself.  I bumped up the contrast a bit so you could see it better.  As I said the stone is tiny and not easy to photograph! (this is not for sale..it's mine! ♥ )

Got any heart related rocks or jewelry?  I would love see them!  Share the photos or a link in the comments.

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