Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faceters! Win $50 by helping us out!

We have some new colors of synthetic corundum (and CZ coming soon) and need some sample stones cut to show what these stones look like.  You will receive a $50 gift certificate if we use your stone/photo!

We will give you credit on the photo, like this:

  1. The stone has to be pretty! Not, perfect mind you, but it should be something you take pride in.  Your name will be on the photo.  We reserve the right to reject any stone that doesn't meet our standards.
  2. Only one gift certificate per faceter.  
  3. Only one gift certificate per color.  The first stone/ usable photo we receive will get the gift certificate.
  4. We don't care what cut you use..can be a plain old round brilliant or something you make up!
  5. The stone has to be cut from rough you purchased from us. 
  6. We need a stone for each color.  So check out the synthetics page to see which colors have an stone example. I will keep a list here, but always a good idea to double check there.
  7. Send stones to:  PrettyRock.com PO Box 38930 Charlotte NC 28278.  Please let us know it is on its way, I am bad about checking the mail box unless I know something is being sent.  We will return your stone after its glamour photo shoot.
  8. If you are sending a photo, it must look similar to the one above.  It must be very very sharp, and bright.  It is unlikely you will be able to do this with the camera on your phone!  You do not have to show the rough with the stone and I will add the text to the photo. You will NOT get the $50 if you send us a dark blurry photo.  Check here for gem photo tutorials: http://www.facetersguild.com/2009/10/how-to-photograph-gemstones/
  9. We need photos for: (http://prettyrock.com/php/synthetic-rough.php )
Blue Spinel
               Medium Blue
               Dark Ruby
               Dark Pink
               Medium Pink
               Light Pink
               Dark Purple
Light Champagne
Cobalt Blue
(more colors coming)

Please ask if you have any questions!  We haven't done this before, so it's a work in progress.

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