Sunday, July 04, 2010

2011 Faceting Competition

We have a challenge for you this year! The challenge is to see who can create
the prettiest, brightest closed-c axis green tourmaline!

Main Points of Interest:

1) Material: The material must be closed c-axis green tourmaline. The stone must be at half to fully closed c. We will verify this before judging. We will have this material available at for purchase, but it does NOT have to be purchased from us to be entered in the contest. So, if you have some stuck in the back of your drawer, this is the time to dig it out and do something with it!

2) Categories : Traditional Cut - a standard design. For example emerald cut or cushion cut. Creative Cut- Skies the limit! It must be your own design. It can be a carving, or fantasy cut for example. ALL entries must be between 1 and 100 cts. Larger or smaller stones will be disqualified.

3) Prizes: There will be One Best in Show with a Grand Prize of $500 worth of faceting rough (winner’s choice) , and a box of faceting goodies.

- There will be 3 winners in each category: 1st Prize - $150 worth of faceting rough (winner’s choice)
- 2nd Prize - $100 worth of faceting rough (winner’s choice)
- 3rd Prize - $50 worth of faceting rough (winner’s choice.)

HALL of FAME: Anyone who places two years (or more) in a row, will be inducted into our Faceter’s Hall of Fame! They will also win the honor and privilege to use the rare and much sought after GPF ™(Grande Poobah Faceter) after their name on all official faceting documents.

Details of the competition here:

Entry form here:

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