Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Announcing the Winners of the Faceting Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered! We had over 30 contestants, some of whom entered 3 or more stones! We were thrilled with the turn out for our first contest.
The judges had a very difficult time deciding winners, and it was a close call in several categories. We had a total of 6 judges, from a complete novices to experts. They were asked to pick their favorite stones in each category and then their top 3 stones over all.
and the envelope please...
Best in Show - Ivan Smith - Aqua CZ - $250 gift certificate for rough
Second Place Over All - Edward J Maidl - Aqua CZ - $150 gift certificate for rough
Third Place Over All - Charles McCoy - Lavender CZ - $50 gift certificate for rough
Winners of goodies package:
Best of Lavender - Charles McCoy
Best of Yellow - Lance Andrus
Best of Amethyst - Harold Schmidt
Best of Golden Yellow - Michiko Huynh
Best of Lavender Color Change - Jonathan Rolfe
Best of Ruby Synthetic - Jeff Steele
Best of Pad Synthetic - Jeff Steele
Best of Emerald CZ - Ivan Smith & Mark Barber (Tie)
Best of Aqua Blue CZ - Ivan Smith & Lance Andrus (Tie)
Best of Grass Green - Ivan Smith
Best of Rhodo - Mark Barber
Best of Pink - Charles McCoy
We wanted to show our appreciation to everyone who entered, so we are going to send everyone a t-shirt! Thank you!
I will get your stones back to you as soon as I can. I still need to take the photos, and we are waiting on the t-shirts to come in from the printers.
And stay tuned..we will be announcing our 2011 contest at the 4th of July Party!

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