Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rocks in the News - Feb 26 2009

Angelina Jolie's Emeralds had everyone buzzing the day after the Oscar's

TanzaniteOne and Gemfields duke it out and then TanzaniteOnes former head joins Gemfields and now UK's Gemfields brings Zambian emeralds to India and more on Gemfields in general

GIA cut's staff by 9% (It has also raised the price of it's classes.. but they didn't put out a press release about that.) and announced the 2009 Richard T. Liddicoat Scholarships

Times were slow at the 2009 Tucson Gem Show (not that anyone was suprised.)

AGTA issued an alert on dyed tourmaline (okay..not surprised by this one either.)

Fracture filled rubies entering the market ( or this one...there was an article about this in Gems and Gemology in 2006. )

JA Competition Winners Announced

I guess I shouldn't ignore the whole hoopla surrounding gemstone diffusion particularly tourmaline.. don't even know where to begin linking for that, don't want to give free advertising to any of them, so just do a google search if you are interested, but be sure to read both sides of the debate. Here: That's the link to gemologyonline's debate on the subject. That should cover it.

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