Friday, October 03, 2008 Joe's Special Polish, and Joe's Opal Cure

We are happy add two new products to our store: Joe's Special Polish and Joe's Opal Cure. Created by Joe Depietrio of Bead n' More.

Joe's Special Polish is a secret blend of 3 different powders. It should be used on stones no harder than Topaz (8 on Mohs). It gives a beautiful final polish to cabochon, or faceted stones - especially opal.

The Opal Cure is a kit for curing opals that maybe be fragile or crazed. It contains Resin, Hot Stuff glue, and no stick plastic sheet, and directions use. It requires a heating unit, but Joe has included breif directions for creating your own in expensive heating unit using recycled items and items easily found at hardware stores.

Dev and I first used Joe's Special Polish ad Opal Cure in the opal class Joe was teaching at William Holland. We loved the results! He was kind enough to let us share his secret polish with our customers. Thank you, Joe!

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