Monday, September 08, 2008

Back! What a summer...

I am back from taking my GIA labs in Raleigh. What a blast! I was there for about 3 weeks taking the Diamond, Gem ID, and Colored Stone labs. I learned so much and made some great friends, too. Now, I just have to finish up the Colored Stones course and find my way through the Gem ID class (and the dreaded 20 stone exam!) (You can imagine what my garden looked like after 3 weeks of neglect in August in Charlotte...not pretty, but the bugs were fat and sassy.)

Dev is back in school after the summer working on his MBA. He will have his nose in a book for the next few months. Hopefully he will come up for air from time to time and add some new rocks to the site.

Dev and I have also been busy gearing up for the holiday season and working on some new products to add to the website. A very exciting time for PrettyRock! I can't believe how much we have grown in just a few years.

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