Wednesday, May 21, 2008

William Holland Trip May 2008

Dev and I went to William Holland Lapidary School aka Rock Camp in Georgia last week. We had a blast! It has to be the best deal in a vacation around. They are a nonprofit organization that offers classes in faceting, cabbing, beading, metal work of all kinds, just about anything to do with rocks. We took the opal class and are now addicts. I think we are going to need his and hers Pixies now. We have already signed up to go again this summer to take Silver I. Any other Hollandites here?

(A little plug. Check them out here: $310 for the week includes your room, meals, and the class. There is usually a nominal lab fee depending on the class taken. Opals supply fee was $20, but I imagine something like gold work would be quite a bit higher. )

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